Final Step - Send Us Your Info

Once you've joined here, it's time for us to set up your website! In order for us to do this, please follow the instructions below.

Once you've completed the form, your site will be setup within 24 hours guaranteed (business days, mon-fri only).

Question 1: What Is Your Name & Email?

In order to get started, we need your name and email. This allows us to match your order to the request, and also allows us to quickly reach out to you if there are any problems with your order.

(please enter the email you purchased with on JVZoo)

Question 2: What Niche Do You Want Your Website to Target?

The first question is what niche/market/topic do you want to base your website around?

This will determine the type of content on your side, and how we setup your site.

We have selected 15 niches which we know are great for marketers. The first 5 are focused on TeeSpring & eCommerce (so you can promote your own t-shirts or other physical products), and the remaining 10 are focused on JVZoo & ClickBank (so you will be promoting affiliate programs). Alternatively, choose your own niche keyword below.

Question 3: What Domain Name Do You Want?

The next step is for you to enter your domain. This should be the domain you registered when creating your hosting account. If you chose the "Done For You Hosting" option, then tell us the domain you would like us to register below. .

Question 4: Do you have any websites you would like us to promote? (optional)

You may already have websites that you own in this niche, that you would like us to promote. If so, enter the URLs below. NOTE: we highly recommend you only promote websites that relate to this niche topic (so if you choose "dog" as your niche keyword on Step 2, you would certainly only want to promote dog-related websites).

Question 5: Please supply us with extra information

Having the following information will mean you can properly monetize and get the best out of your site.

Create free affiliate account here

Create your free account here. (it's this we need)

Create your free account here. eg.

Question 6: Do you have any other comments you want to send to Chris & the team? (optional)

If you have specific instructions or ideas you would like to convey, please list them here.

NOTE: we will do our best to accomodate your request, but please be reasonable with your requests