Post-Website Setup & Support
General Questions
How do I get a done for you website?

Its easy- you can get setup in 2 minutes. There are three steps: pick your perfect domain name (here), purchase your website with us (here), and describe your perfect website so we can get started (here).


The first step is to choose a domain name. We recommend you do this with our Domainaveli tool - either by searching for names here, or choosing a hand-picked domain here. Next, signup with for your Done For You Website here. Once you have signed up with us, you should describe the type of website you want us to build here. And that's it!


We will now setup your website & email your welcome pack within 24 hours (business days only). You can relax as we complete 50+ steps. The whole process took us a decade to put together... but it takes you less than 2 minutes to request your new website. Click here to launch your website, 100% risk-free.

So you will create a website for me.. for next to nothing!? What's the catch!
There is no catch. We have been building websites for ourselves and for our clients since 2006. Investment in software and staff training have allowed us to slash the time taken to setup a website by well over 95%, thus bringing down the cost, along with the price we can charge. We have sold over $100k of an older version of this website at $247-497 up-front. Only now have automation and experience allowed us to offer this at such a low price.
How are you able to offer this website? Doesn't it take weeks and cost hundreds of dollars to create a website like this?
This offer is only possible through a combination of experience and automation. We have spent the last decade creating websites for ourselves, and so have amassed thousands of hours experience building and maintaing websites (right now we have approximately 400 website domains in our network). Secondly, we are a software company and have developed unique software to speed the site setup process up. Without this software it would take maybe 20-30 hours to create each site. With our software the process takes 1-3 hours, which allows our UK-based team to create your site cost effectively. This is a win-win situation: you get a website, and we get a happy customer who loves their website and will stay subscribed for years to come. Remember: it's 100% risk-free to get your website.
Is the offer open to anyone?
Yes, anyone with a Paypal account can purchase through our trusted payment provider JVZoo on this page. Our only condition is that you cannot purchase more than one site in any 30 day period (demand is expected to be high for this new offer and we want to give everyone a chance to join). For example, if you purchase a website today, you will need to wait until 30 days later before joining with a new domain. If you want to "jump the queue" and register multiple websites, please do not purchase multiple times at once - please contact us here and we will let you know if it is possible.
Can you tell me more about your organisation?

Yes. We are a UK-based company called Memeplex Limited. We have been marketing online since 2005. We are specialists in marketing, software development, web development and traffic generation. It is this unique combination that allows us to build websites and provide you with this offer. We created our first website in 2005, and sold our first website back in October 2006. Since then we have sold software and websites to over 100,000 people in dozens of countries.


In summary, it has taken us a decade to put this offer together.

Domain Names & Hosting
Wow, so the website ALSO includes a domain and hosting.. how does it work?

Yes, your website includes instant domain and hosting: when we say "100% done for you", we really do mean it! Simply order here and you will get a website plus the domain of your choice and hosting included.


Your domain name will be registered for 1 year and we will continue to re-register the domain as long as you stay signed up. Your hosting is also included in your website package at no additional cost, and will continue to run for as long as you stay a member. Your hosting is for one domain (the website you registered with us), and includes unlimited space and bandwidth.

I already have a niche/domain in mind. Can I choose any niche or keyword for my domain/website?
Yes. We do provide suggested niches/keywords for you to browse. But if you are advanced - or simply already have a particular niche in mind - feel free to choose your own niche keyword. We can create a website for any keyword you can think of. The only exception is we cannot create sites on adult topics, topics that promote hate speech, or topics that are expressly prohibited by the terms of service of our hosting and other partners (long story short, read our terms of service and use your common sense).
The Setup Process
I have seen the perfect domain name - how can I register it before someone else gets it?

This is an important question - domains are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Our list of recommended domains changes daily at midnight eastern time (-5 hours GMT). So we recommend you register your name as soon as possible. The quickest way to do this is to register your Done-For-You Website at the bottom of this page. You will be given the option to register your name immediately after you have made your purchase, and you will of course then be put at the front of the queue for your website setup. Securing your website account therefore: 1) secures your domain 2) creates your hosting account 3) allows you to get your website setup as quickly as possible. So click here to sign up today.

The Website Itself
What exactly do these done for you websites look like?

Please review the bottom half of our homepage for a complete description of what is included in your website. All websites are built using our custom WordPress theme (now on version 17.2) and have six pages in total - home page, articles, videos, store & recommended. There is also contact us, privacy and terms pages in the footer links.

Is the content unique? I think search engines like Google prioritise unique content?
All of the content on your site is unique. For example, the affiliate reviews, and articles are written by my UK-based staff. The logo is custom to your site, the ecommerce designs on the store page are unique to you etc. The only thing on your site that isn't 100% unique are the YouTube videos on the video page, which are pulled from YouTube. We do rewrite the description, thus making it custom. Please also note that you will not be penalized for reusing content in this way, YouTube and Google are more than happy for you to embed videos like this. Secondly, note that your sites are compliant in all ways - eg. privacy policy, terms, etc. In short, your site is fully "white hat", compliant and unique right out of the gate.
How can I monetize my website?
Each site comes pre-loaded with affiliate reviews, focused on your chosen niche. You can earn a commission from ClickBank, JVZoo & Amazon for promoting these sites. Secondly, each site includes its own store, with custom ecommerce/t-shirt designs for that niche. You can sell these designs on sites like TeeSpring and earn $5-20 from each t-shirt sale. You can also monetize your site with advertising. Finally, our proprietary WP theme allows you to embed code across every page on your website, allowing you to embed code such as "retargeting code" on every page. In short, if you can imagine a way to profit with your site (ecommerce/affiliate/advertising/etc), it is already programmed into your site.
How do I drive traffic to my website?
Each site is optimized to get traffic from all the major traffic platforms like Google, YouTube and Facebook. We also provide complete training on how you can get traffic with Google SEO (free traffic), YouTube Ads (paid traffic) and Facebook Ads (paid traffic). These are the 3 best options for getting targeted, profitable traffic through 2018. This training is delivered in 3 PDF documents, totalling over 60 pages. In summary, your site is optimized for all traffic generation methods - free, paid, social, organic, viral, etc..
Post-setup & website
Does this come with any kind of support?

Absolutely. We have three dedicated customer staff (and 2 directors) in the UK to provide free instant support for as long as you stay subscribed to us. As well as providing support for technical issues, we are also on hand to provide general guidance on your website, on the theme itself, or on any traffic/conversion/marketing questions you may have. Remember, also, that your website includes full video & PDF guidance on how to use the website (and theme), adding content, CPanel, WordPress and much more. With domain, hosting and training included, the Done For You Website is actually much more than just a website!


Click here to get started with your website, 100% risk-free